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About GMA Academy

Our Mission & Guiding Goals

Our mission seeks to challenge and enable our students with the skills and determination to lead a successful life, rooted in a passion for life-long learning, a strong sense of community and the creativity to excel in a changing world.

To us 'balance' in mind, body and spirit is the foundation for teaching, learning and character development  as we combine a myriad of educational philosophies with inquiry based-outdoor education, individualized academics, a wide variety of physical activity, arts & music, healthy homemade meals,  and a student-centered  approach to emotional wellness and social development; which is achieved through the following goals:
  • Academic Excellence - literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, an appreciation of the arts and productive creativity
  • Leadership – co-operation,  communication, problem solving and empathy
  • Citizenship – social consciousness and action, global awareness, decision making and respect
  • Physical Confidence – endurance, perseverance, inner strength, self-esteem and safety
  • Positive Spirit  – emotional awareness, reflection, goal setting and connections with our personal & natural world
  • Healthy Living - good food and fun, moderation, peace and excitement 
  • Active Brain - designing, building, sharing, believing and challenging


The GMA Academy  faculty are a dedicated group of certified teachers with extensive qualifications, impressive talents, and varied interests who all share a passion for life long learning and a belief in a growth mindset where anyone can be successful with the proper support.


GMA Academy is located  just 10 minutes from Gravenhurst, Ontario in the world renowned Muskoka Lakes district of Canada. Situated on 96 acres of private property and adjoining another 100 acres of Crown Land, we are surrounded by lakes, rives, forests, beaver ponds & dams, caves, crevices and rocks. In addition to all the natural  habitat, we have created a wide variety of exploration areas including our organic garden, the Discovery Zone, sports fields and countless paths and trails.

During our indoor lessons, we utilize  the Moose Lodge with 3 classrooms, an art studio, the Nature Preschool super room, an open-concept kitchen, our cozy dining hall with one-of-a-kind fireplace and our 3 season screened lounge.

Parent Communication

Our goal is to establish a communication system with parents regarding school events, schedules, academics, feedback and celebrations that is user-friendly and effective; utilizing the following platforms:

1. Monthly Newsletter - which serves as a tool to share up-coming events, important dates & monthly whole school goals.

2. Seesaw Ap - used to document and share student achievements, examples of student learning, learning objectives for each class and celebrations at school.  There are daily posts and pictures so that parents know what is happening in the class and on the school grounds.

3. E-mails to [email protected] or call (705) 687-3903 - for quick questions, to set-up a meeting or to let us know if your child is going to be away, arriving late or getting picked up early.

4. Formal Parent-Teacher Meetings - held twice a year to discuss academic and social progress in person; to celebrate achievements,  share future goals and an opportunity to look at the class work and books.

In addition to these, we are also very happy to have quick discussions in the morning or after school.

A Small School with a Big Heart

GMA Academy prides itself as a safe learning community where positive challenges are provided within a context of consistent support. This is best achieved because of our student-centered approach to emotional wellness & social development and because we are a small school which allows for the following:

  • easier for students to be supported and held accountable for behaviour and academics
  • more opportunity for cross-teacher collaboration on helping individual students
  • instantly induct students into whole school community allowing for closer bonds
  • increased intimacy supports student emotional and social needs; especially for shy introverted students
  • increased opportunity to take leadership positions
  • parents feel more connected and can take a more active role in their children's academics and social life

Perks for the Parents

While GMA Academy's primary focus is the academic, social, physical and emotional growth of the students, there are certain perks that benefit the parents in particular:

  • early drop off and late pick ups - free of charge
  • healthy snacks and a hot lunch are provided
  • daily communication with the teachers through our Seesaw Ap
  • access to PA Day Camps, Winter Camps and Summer Camps at a discounted price 
  • class field trip costs are included in tuition
  • all gear for canoe trips, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and other sports are included


Admissions and Tuition

Yearly fees:

  • Full Time Enrollment = $8500
  • 3 days a week = $5100 (Kindergarten class only)
  • 2 days a week = $3400 (Kindergarten class only)


Fees can be paid in one lump sum at the beginning of the academic year or in 10 installments on the 1st of each month.

A $200 discount is applied for:

  1. Full yearly payments for full time students
  2. Additional siblings for full time students