Learning Through Adventure!

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At Great Moose Adventures we understand that true learning can only be obtained when  the emotional and physical needs are being met, by feeling safe and content.  Once  these basic needs are met, the mind is able to open and grow. With the  growth of the mind, comes the desire to learn more,  which is the foundation for spirit and from there....the sky is the limit! 

We also believe that positive, personal growth can only be achieved by doing.

Through outdoor education, experiential/hands-on learning, inquiry based play, physical activity and a healthy diet rooted in moderation, we focus on making connections, building relationships, goal setting, communication, reflecting and most importantly, having fun.

Learning through adventure!

With all this in mind, at Great Moose Adventures we shape our outdoor education with the CLIMB program, created by our team in September of 2011.

CLIMB's goal is to create positive, unity between mind, body, emotions and spirit for personal growth and happiness.

The program is aimed to provide participants with the skills, knowledge and determination to become proactive leaders with the ability to live a balanced,  healthy lifestyle in conjunction with the passion and perseverance to achieve their goals and dreams.


CLIMB Educational Objectives:


  • Leadership – co-operation,  communication, behaviour management, problem solving and empathy
  • Citizenship – social consciousness and action, global awareness, decision making and respect
  • Physical Confidence – endurance, perseverance, inner strength, self-esteem and safety
  • Positive Spirit  – emotional awareness, reflection, goal setting and connections with our personal & natural world
  • Healthy Living - good food and fun, moderation, peace and excitement 
  • Active Brain - designing, building, sharing, believing and challenging