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Leaders in Training Program (LIT)
Youth aged 13 & 14

The Great Moose Adventures Leader-in-Training (LIT) program is an exciting summer camp for youth looking for some quality leadership experience.

Working alongside the Great Moose Adventure educators, LIT students will focus on:

  • team building and co-operation activities
  •  developing healthy, active living skills
  •  canoe, camping, swimming, hiking and forest exploration
  •  food preparation and cooking fun
  •  leading outdoor sports, games and fun activities
  • first aid and outdoor adventure safety

LIT's have the option to  join any of our programs (Forest Rangers Day Camp , Voyageurs Camp and Canoe Trippers); where they will participate in all of the exciting activities....while also getting the  opportunity to take a role as an active leader.


Day Camp = $250 with no HST

Day Camp Overnights = $50 plus HST per night

Voyageur Camp = $480 plus HST

Canoe Trippers - 5 night = $600 plus HST

Canoe Trippers - 7 night = $840 plus HST

Canoe Trippers - 9 night = $1080 plus HST

For LIT's looking to gain work/leadership experience in the field of outdoor education, with the hopes of one day working at Great Moose Adventures, we have a special 3 week program with the option to combine  different programs at a discounted rate of $1200 plus HST for 3 weeks of camp (not including weekends):

Option 1 - 1 day camp with 2 overnights, 1 Voyageur camp + a 5-day canoe trip (a discount of $260)

Option 2 - 3 Voyageur camps (a discount of $270)

Option 3 - 2 Voyageur camps + a 5-day canoe trip (a discount of $405)

Option 4 - 1 Voyageur camp + a 10-day canoe trip (a discount of $405)

Option 5 - a 5-day canoe trip + a 10-day canoe trip (a discount of $540)

*Click here to check out our calendar to choose your program dates!


Day Camp - Bus service is available for all campers:

Bracebridge -  8:00 am & 4:00 pm @ $80 plus HST per week

Gravenhurst - 8:30 am & 3:30pm @ $60 plus HST per week

* participants skipping bus rides due to overnight camp-outs will receive a Great Moose ball cap, t-shirt or buff for everyday missed.

Voyageur Camp  -Bus service is available on Monday morning and Friday afternoon for all Voyageurs:
Bracebridge - 8:00am & 4:00pm @ $16
Gravenhurst - 8:30am & 3:30pm @ $12

The best part of our LIT program is that students will develop effective skills for a healthy, active life....all the while having a great time and making friends and beneficial contacts.