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Rates & Options
Please note - we are all booked up for the 2017 School Year!

*Great Moose Adventures is striving to maintain a quality, educational experience for all of our participants. In order to do so, we are limiting our group sizes to one class per visit at our centre.

If you have a group larger than 1 class or 30 students, please consider our in school programs. We can accommodate larger, mixed age groups.

We appreciate your support and understanding.

Classes coming to the Great Moose Adventure Centre

Prices per child, per visit (Maximum 1 class  or 30 students + adults as per ratio):

  • 1/2 Day = $12 + HST  (up to 2.5 hours in morning or afternoon)
  • Full Day = $18 + HST (up to 5 hours)
  • parent volunteers are welcome at no charge

Please note that the minimum group rate is $180 for half days and $270 for full day.

In School Visits

Half Day -  1 class @ a time  = $300+tax
Half Day - 2 class @ a time = $400 + tax
Half Day - 3 class @ a time = $500 + tax

Full Day -  1 class @ a time = $480+tax
Full Day -  2 class @ a time  = $580+tax
Full Day - 3 classes @ a time  = $680+tax

*For schools further than a traveling distance of  1 hour - please add $50 to the price

*Please note - we facilitate our programs rain or shine. In the case of stormy, weather we can reschedule at the earliest opportunity

Payment Options:
1. Cheque made payable to Great Moose Adventures Inc.
2. Interac E-Transfer sent to [email protected]
3. Credit card - contact us to set-up a payment

*Rain Days - can only be booked in advance for electives or multi-day programs, all day programs will be rescheduled within the same school year.

* Inclement weather - we will check the weather 24 hours in advance of the trip and if there is any dangerous weather (thunderstorms, freezing rain, or major storms) we will contact you to reschedule a new date for a visit.