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Forest Explorers & Adventure Team

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Our one day a week program is for students 9+ looking to integrate outdoor adventure and learning into their regular public school or homeschool schedules.

Students should be comfortable being outdoors all day, though a covered area and indoor space is available for lunches where needed, inclement weather and for storing gear. In the winter we also have a heated space available to use as needed.

Our goal with FEAT is to provide a unique Forest School experience that combines inquiry-based forest exploration, adventure-based recreational sports and Science.



Here is what it will look like:

  • Classic Forest School Activities = hiking, exploring, games, arts & crafts, drama, building projects and team building initiatives

  • Adventure = Canoe Tripping in the Fall, including canoe instruction, portaging, campfire cooking & Backcountry cross-country skiing in the winter including ski instruction for beginners to advanced

  • Science = Utilizing our amazing landscape the participants will take place in activities & lessons that focus on 'The Land Between' (please check it out - it is really cool), where the students will facilitate projects to help conserve this amazing ecosystem and help some of the endangered species within this region

  • Leadership = Red Cross first aid training (including all in a remote wilderness scenarios), citizenship / community building with science projects and social interactions throughout, high school volunteer hours, opportunities to interact with GMA Academy students (older & younger) and much more

  • Physical Education = field games, ultimate frisbee, trail running and skiing with options to compete at local races with Great Moose Adventure’s race team


To create a strong team dynamic and to 'big up' the adventure - we will be offering overnight camping trips:

Fall =  3 night Canoe Trip 

Winter = 2 night Winter Camping Trip 

Spring = 3 night Hiking Trip

Summer = Opportunities for 6 night / 7 day Canoe Trip

*all gear provided

*trips will take place around the weekends to avoid missing too much school (except during summer)

Our hope is that FEAT is a program that:

-develops life long friendships & professional contacts - and possible careers (maybe future guides or teachers)

-allows the participants to become active members of a community with a common goal to help the world and have fun

-teaches about science (plant & animal habitat, geology, animal tracking, natures language etc.)

-sparks a passion for outdoor adventure by providing opportunities to

  • cross-country ski in backcountry (not your standard ski club experience - our advanced skiers seek out hills and fresh snow, while our beginners cruise the trails close to the lodge and the intermediates do everything in between)

  • canoe trip - the ultimate character development event, swimming, rock jumping, campfire cooking

  • develop leadership strategies, gain confidence and acquiring the hard skills to play safe (Red Cross first aid programming, risk assessment)

  • Build physical fitness and endurance to be ready for any adventure 


Program Dates


Fall Term: 13 weeks

September 5th - December 

Times: 9:00 - 3:30

Canoe Trip (2 nights) - Sept. 27 - 29

Winter Term: 8 weeks

January 9th - February 27th

Time: 9:00 - 3:30

Winter Camping Overnight - Jan. 

Spring Term: 8 weeks

March 20th - May 8th

Time: 9:00 - 3:30

Hiking Trip (2 nights) - May. 

Sample Day Itinerary

9:00-10 45: Morning Circle, Hike/Ski, Forest Exploration
10:45-11:45: Snack Time & Outdoor Play
11:45-12:45: STREAM Activity
12:45-2:00: Lunch Time & Outdoor Play
2:00-3:00: Physical & Outdoor Education (POE)
3:00-3:30: End of Day Circle & Pick Up

Lunches & Snacks


Students need to bring their own lunch and snacks. We ask that students bring ‘boomerang lunches’, where students take home all garbage from their lunches. 


As part of the learning at GMA, students will be involved in the school garden and foraging in the forest and any harvests collected will be offered from time to time for the children to try or take home. Fireside snacks will also be cooked occasionally as part of our outdoor studies and circle time.  If your child has a special dietary need or allergy please let us know. We will be in touch if there are any other students who have food allergies that may result in certain items being banned from all lunches and snacks.

Registration Information

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in signing up for our F.E.A.T program or have any questions. Once we receive this we will be back in touch to let you know of availability and next steps to sign up.

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

Payments and Refunds


Payments can be made in one session at a time. Individuals signing up for a yearly tuition will receive a 15% discount.

Yearly tuition (recommended): 15% savings for 29 weeks.

Individual Session Tuition:

Session 1 (13 weeks):

Session 2 (8 weeks):

Session 3 (8 weeks): 


Installment #1  due upon registration

Installment #2  is due 

Installment #3  is due 


If you wish to withdraw from the program we ask you to give us 30 days notice. Refunds will be given as below:


30 or more days notice - full refund minus a $75 administration fee

Less than 30 days notice - no refund

Closure due to a government order - full refund minus a $75 admin fee


Payments can be made via cheque, E-Transfer (sent to or by credit below (please note that credit card payments have a 2.9% admin fee added)

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