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Outdoor Education @ Great Moose Adventures  
You Come to Us! 

We are proud to offer an intimate and exciting outdoor education experience in our forest, fields, waterways and cozy lodge at Great Moose Adventures!

What are the benefits of bringing a class to Great Moose Adventures?

  1. Engaging - we combine hands-on, creative challenges with high energy games in a peaceful natural environment
  2. Easy - registering a visit to Great Moose Adventures is as easy as picking a date and a program - we'll do the rest
  3. Adaptability - our educators have the flexibility to accommodate different learning styles
  4. Experience - Great Moose Adventures have been working with the teachers of TLDSB, SMCDSB & SCDSB since 2012
  5. Innovation - we are constantly evolving & adapting our programs to follow current teaching practices and trends
  6. Relevance - our programs have been created to compliment the objectives and goals of the Ontario Curriculum
  7. Differentiation - we alter our programs to ensure all subject matter is age appropriate
  8. Low cost - parent volunteers, education assistants and teachers are FREE!
  9. Weather is no issue  - we are happy to book an extra day to accommodate inclement weather and bus cancellations
  10. Relaxing excitement - we ensure an ideal learning environment by only hosting 1 class at a time
  11. Fun Fun Fun - participants at Great Moose Adventures leave our place grinning, glowing, dirty and tired
What programs do you offer?

Rea Life  Math - Pla Days

Science Investigation Days

Making math real! Students will participate in a mixture of exciting math challenges, combining high energy math puzzles, riddles & games with creative building challenges using natural materials; while focusing on 3D shapes, measurement, estimations, patterns, symmetry and number sense.

Season: Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer

Grades: JK-8
*Fits with current provincial math initiatives and grant $
Taking science outside! Students will become 'scientists in the field' while exploring chemistry, physics and biology during hands-on investigations and experiments; focusing on specific language, fair tests, estimating and comparing outcomes & results - all the while being creative and having fun.
Season: Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer
Grades: JK-8
*Ideal for observations & assessments for teachers

Early Years - Discovery Days

Snow Play Days
Active-Creative-Exploration! Utilizing our unique 'Explode a Story' strategy, we turn a story into an adventure with opportunities for creative building activities, high energy games, mindful movement, crafts with natural materials and seek & find games.

Season: Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer

Grades: JK-4
*A unique, Great Moose classic - adaptable for all topics

Team-Building Fun Day

A true Canadian experience! High energy games, activities and challenges for some much needed exercise during the long winter days. Activities are adaptable for a wide variety of weather and can include snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and winter survival
Season: Winter
Grades: JK - 8
*A popular choice for winter electives

Brain-Body  Day

Bring your class together! Build team spirit, individual self-confidence and a collective, positive mindset through co-operative challenges, team activities and high energy games.
Season: Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer
Grades: 1 - 8
*Ideal for the Fall term to help your class be awesome
Exercising the mind, body & soul! Students will spend the day playing fun, active games, solving exciting puzzles & riddles and focusing on mental wellness; all the while participating in co-operative games and challenges.
Season: Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer
Grades: JK - 8
*Meets 'Feed All Four' & wellness goals

Wilderness Survival

Plant & Animal Discovery

Imagine having to survive in the forest! Spend the day in the forest building shelters, building fires and fire starting with flint & steel, creating natural art, playing games and working together as a team to live in the elements.
Season: Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer
Grades: 1 - 8
*Take the experience to the next level with a cookout
Experience nature and wildlife in person! We have ponds, creeks, beaver dams, huge open patches of Canadian shield and a huge forest to explore! Activities include: pond dipping, plant & animal identification games, animal habitat study & recreating and beautiful hikes.
Season: Fall, Spring & Summer
Grades K-8
*Ask us about a live animal show

What is the cost?

Full day  = $22 (plus HST) per student
  • 10:00am - 2:00pm
  • Teachers, EAs and Parent Volunteers attend for free
  • Maximum student - 36
  • Minimum student - 15 (groups of under 15 are welcome with a minimum payment of $330 plus HST) 

Half day  =  $15 (plus HST) per student
  • 10:00am - 12:00 or 12:30 - 2:30pm
  • Teachers, EAs and Parent Volunteers attend for free
  • Maximum student - 36
  • Minimum student - 15 (groups of under 15 are welcome with a minimum payment of $330 plus HST)

Inclement Weather Information:

  • Schools - if buses are cancelled or the temperature is deemed too cold for outdoor activities, we will reschedule for a more suitable date
  • Great Moose Adventures - if the weather is unsuitable for outdoor activities, we will contact you one day prior to the program to reschedule for a better day 

How do I register?

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