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Summer Programs and Activities!

Combining aspects of experiential, hands-on education and inquiry based learning, Great Moose Adventures provide opportunities for people to 'learn by doing. All lessons and activities are adaptable to meet the needs and interest of all our our participants. We also encourage creative, play-based,  open-ended programs; by which the campers have choice as to where their creative tasks begin and end.

Check out our list of activities and programs, which is growing everyday:
-touch football
-tag games
-ultimate frisbee and football
-swimming (leisure and lessons)
-fooze ball
-bocce ball
-frisbee golf
-orienteering and map skills
-gardening and cooking
-arts & crafts – focusing on natural and recycled materials
-habitat study
-animal and plant knowledge
-rock study
-team building and co-operation games and challenges

In addition to all of the activities, we focus on personal growth. Through character development and physical exercise, our goal is to foster self-confidence and a positive attitude towards lifelong learning and healthy living. As a means to foster character development we have developed a program called CLIMB