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Great Moose Adventures

Outdoor Education, Wilderness Retreats & Canadian Culture

Summer Programs  -
A combination of traditional summer camp activities & outdoor education

Traditional camp activities  =  hiking, swimming , canoeing , games, crafts, music, drama, sports, archery, camp fires, parachutes and much more

Outdoor Education = Forest STREAM - Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art & Math

Our Forest STREAM program combines all the best in education from Great Moose Adventures, with a combination of healthy nature immersion and hands on, experiential education covering a range of learning areas.  In conjunction with our weekly themes our talented teachers combine the Forest STREAM learning principles together in rich tasks that challenge students to access and develop their full skill sets. This program offers a multitude of benefits: 

  • emphasizes camper engagement 
  • encourages collaboration and communication skills
  • fosters a growth mindset 
  • practices critical thinking & problem solving techniques
  • gain mental, physical, and social skills
  • have fun and make new friends  

Examples of Forest STREAM activities include:

  • catapults
  • aqueduct building
  • animal & plant study
  • scales and balances
  • shelter building
  • water filtration

  • magic potion
  • making jam
  • kites, boomerangs & paper air planes
  • volcano lands
  • boats & rafts
  • treasure maps