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The Great Moose Experience - Learning through fun & adventure

Campers at Great Moose Adventures experience all the joys of a traditional summer camp - with laughter, friendship and adventure - while building self reliance, developing  problem solving strategies, gaining important social skills and creating a connection with our natural world through outdoor education.

How do we ensure that campers are having fun and growing in mind & body? 

1. We are an extremely unique summer camp because we are small - with only 65 kids per session 

  • guarantees that all campers diverse needs are met
  • allows teachers to offer individualized programming for true engagement 
  • creates a 'family feel' - allowing campers to be true to themselves and develop lasting friendships
  • ensures a safe and caring environment for personal growth in mind & body
  • food is home-made  and tasty with lots of choice to meet dietary needs 
  • campers have the opportunity to mingle with campers of all ages and from all walks of life

2. True learning happens when you are having fun - our programs are exciting, engaging and enriching

  • programs are child centered, utilizing inquiry-based activities that focus on the process not the product
  • tried, tested and true - as a full time school, our teachers design & facilitate  a wide variety of innovative programs
  • true engagement  is achieved through hands-on activities, open-ended direction and creative choice 
  • utilizing STREAM subjects, campers have learning opportunities linked to the Ontario curriculum
  • singing, chanting, cheering, jokes, skits, games and traditional summer activities are a lot of fun
  • free-play is utilized and celebrated as an effective learning strategy

3.  Our staff are dedicated, passionate and highly effective

  • our lead staff are an exciting mix of qualified teachers, outdoor educators & bachelor of education students 
  • we hire assistant teachers with previous outdoor education and leadership experience 
  • our staff training focuses on a growth mindset and an understanding that life's challenges provide learning 
  • we purposely designed a camp with weekends off, so that our staff are fresh for the next adventure
  • health, wellness and happiness is a main focus for our teachers - which is contagious 
  • our management team play an integral role in the facilitation of our summer programs - participating, playing and making sure both our staff and campers are having a great time