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Summer Programs

A combination of traditional summer camp activities & outdoor education!

We combine traditional camp activities such as hiking, swimming , canoeing, games, crafts, drama, sports, archery & camp fires, with Outdoor Education focusing on experiential learning and inquiry-based activities.


The benefits of our innovative programming include:


  • emphasizes camper engagement 

  • fosters a growth mindset 

  • practices critical thinking & problem solving techniques

  • gain mental and physical skills

  • develop a connection to nature 

  • build social skills and make friends


Examples of Outdoor Education projects and activities include:


  • catapults

  • aqueduct building

  • animal & plant study

  • scales and balances

  • building shelters & fires

  • water filtration

  • energy machines

  • compass challenges

  • magic potion

  • fruit picking & making jam

  • kites, boomerangs & paper air planes

  • volcano lands

  • boats, rafts and sail cars

  • treasure maps

  • mini-worlds

  • slingshots

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