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Student Life

Healthy Living 

Healthy Mind  -  emotional wellness and social development is paramount for academic success; which is achieved through personal goals, reflection, communication, knowledge, and positive support by role models who understand the students strengths and challenges. Health is an on-going subject that is personalized and monitored through  daily circles, open communication and personal journals.

Healthy Body - physical fitness is easily achieved at GMA Academy. Daily physical exercise is encouraged through ample free play opportunities during our 2 extended recess breaks and before and after school. In addition, embedded in our outdoor educational philosophy is a large portion of the day spent hiking, exploring and moving around our fields, forests and trails.

Healthy Spirit - Personal growth and character development is the result of hard work, dedication and a positive attitude. At GMA Academy we utilize a student-centered approach to emotional wellness and social development that allows our students to work within their personal interests and strengths, set achievable goals to overcome challenges and helps them to better understand their learning styles, emotional needs and character traits; which will inevitably lead to a sense of fulfillment  in their social life, academics and self confidence - making it that much easier to keep growing and learning.

Canoeing & Cross-Country Skiing

While we enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities, at GMA Academy we cherish the winter for cross-country skiing and every other season for canoe tripping.

Both activities are an excellent way to explore your natural environment and involve physical endurance and  personal mental perseverance to be successful.

In addition,  both activities are excellent ways to clear your mind and live in the moment, as the physical action is repetitive and can be done for long periods of time.

Click here to learn  more about canoe tripping.

Field Trips 

To compliment all of the learning at GMA Academy, we schedule several class field trips each term to a wide variety of events and activities as a means to provide cultural enrichment, real life experience, social opportunities and make curriculum connections. Senior students also get to take part in two overnight canoe trips each year.

All costs are included in our tuition fees. Past trips have included:
  • Maple syrup farms 
  • Pottery studios
  • Theatre trips
  • Local farmers' markets
  • Intergenerational visits to senior homes
  • Library visits
  • Lake & Beach days
  • Toronto cultural trips
  • Canoe Trips to Algonquin Park & Temagami

School Spirit

A sense of belonging sets our students up for success. To foster this sense of community, GMA Academy has weekly assemblies to share information, celebrate achievement, set whole school goals and open up a safe forum for dialogue and discussion. Every month we honour 2 students for excellent achievement in academics, social development, kindness, arts, sports and leadership. 

Outdoor Theatre

All the world is a stage! GMA Academy utilizes our forest as a creative space to explore drama, story telling and performance arts. Working alongside our drama teachers, the students create and produce drama presentations that relate to our personal interests, cultural exploration and current topics both local and global. By using a creative platform in an open space, students feel free and safe to step outside their comfort zone and play the role of someone or something different. This medium is not only entertaining for the audience and performers, but an excellent way to develop compassion, empathy and to share honest opinions about the world around us. 


Leadership opportunities are rich and varied for our older students. As they mature and develop confidence in their abilities they are able to take on a variety of roles in the school. Younger students benefit from mentoring by older peers as much as the senior students enjoy being role models.

Students can take on leadership roles in a variety of situations at GMA Academy and we  can ensure that the students feel safe and confident in taking leadership in the realms in which they feel confident. Over time they have increasing opportunities to develop their leadership skills and interests in academics, sports, outdoor adventure, arts, music and more.