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GMA Academy was established by a group of qualified, experienced teachers with a goal to create a day school that offers academic excellence & holistic education rooted in individualised studies & outdoor, experiential learning - where students learn by doing.  This belief is the philosophy for all of our programs; as the students are engaged through inquiry-based exploration and effective classroom teaching, which leads to a growth mindset based on creativity,  passion and dedication.

In order to achieve our goal  we have borrowed from the best and most-relevant aspects of several  teaching/learning pedagogies to create our unique, innovative curriculum, including:

  • Ontario Kindergarten Program
  • Ontario Curriculum
  • Singapore Math
  • Montessori 
  • Waldorf
  • Forest School Canada
  • International Primary Years Program
  • Rainbow Kids Yoga 

By combining all of these innovative approaches to education together with a touch of wonderful Muskoka, we have developed a hands-on approach to learning that engages a wide variety of learners and  is relevant in today's changing world.  Low class numbers and lots of 1:1 time with the teachers ensures each student enjoys and succeeds in their school life.


Kindergarten Class (JK-SK)

The Kindergarten Class continues to allow each individual child to flourish by utilising our outdoor education as a platform for inspiring imagination & inquiry based learning, developing problem solving skills and children’s natural curiosity about the world around them. Academic foundations are also developed further with regular classes in phonics & mathematics.

Junior Class (Grades 1-3), Senior Class (Grades 4-6) and Intermediate Class (Grades 6-8)

Students enjoy a comprehensive curriculum that includes instruction in English Language, Math, STREAM (Science, Tools & Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art & Math), Social Studies (Geography & History), Art & Design, PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education), Physical & Outdoor Education (POE), French and Music. The heart of our educational approach is the belief that all students can achieve success and meet their learning goals with the proper support.  Mixed grade classes and our individualised approach to academic studies removes ceilings on success and allows each child to progress and excel at their own pace.

Our older students continue learning through our rich curriculum but are also exposed to teachings and opportunities to prepare them for high school and beyond. This includes the Intermediate Leadership Program (ILP), where students are given opportunities at school and through our summer camp to gain experience in leadership , community connections and employment related activities.

We recognise that each individual child may have different learning requirements and as such there is some flexibility to allow students to join classes above or below their age, to meet social, emotional and academic needs.

Academic & Hands-on Learning  

GMA Academy follows a weekly schedule that ensures our students are given breadth & depth in their learning, all the while ensuring that learning is challenging, relevant and real. Curriculum subjects (see below) are regularly taught in a cross curricula & project based fashion but also as stand alone subjects where needed:

  • Language
  • Math  
  • Social Studies (History & Geography)
  • Music
  • Art & Design
  • Personal, Social and Health Education
  • Physical & Outdoor Education (POE)
  • Active French

Specialist Teachers & Lessons

To enrich the curriculum, GMA Academy seeks out specialist teachers to share their passion and knowledge with our students during specialist lessons throughout the year.  A fresh face is an excellent way for the students to learn a specific skill or gain a better understanding of a curriculum topic; while also getting an opportunity to work with an expert who employs different strategies for teaching, communicating and sharing information.  

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Today's learner needs to become competent in how to use information & communication technology to further their education and live in the 21st century world, however the amount of screen time children are exposed to is carefully monitored at GMA Academy. Through safe and mindful practise, our students use technology to aid their academics and personal interests in a controlled, educational manner; allowing them the tools and skills they need to compete in a global and technologically advanced society.  Google Chromebooks, tablets and the Seesaw Ap are regularly used to share information, organize data, research, investigate and communicate.


Assessment of pupil's progress and learning is continuous through Teacher Assessment. Alongside this, Assessment for Learning ensures the provision of differentiated learning opportunities that teachers are aware of each child's potential, and that next step targets can be identified.

Reports are completed by the class and specialist subject teachers twice a year. These not only describe progress but also set targets for future learning. Twice a year we invite parents to meet their child's CORE  teachers to discuss their child's education and development.

Learning Objectives are shared using the SeeSaw Ap, so that parents can see student work, learning and achievement as it happens.