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Our Leaders in Training (LIT/CIT) program is a unique initiative designed for youth (aged 12 - 16) who are seeking work, play and life experience in the field of outdoor adventure and education.

With high levels of support, our Leaders will have the opportunity for real-life leadership and work experience as a means to gain skills, knowledge and contacts to develop themselves as canoe guides, camp counselors, health & wellness instructors and positive, pro-active leaders in their communities. 


Due to the diversity of each candidate, we have created a level system for our LIT program. Please note levels will be determined by age, maturity, camp & leadership experience and knowledge of Great Moose Adventures programming:


  • LIT (Leaders in Training) - This is a 'camper experience', by which the participants are seeking an introduction to leadership - while still enjoying most of the activities as a Day Camper.  Due to the amount of guidance provided by Great Moose Adventures, this program requires full payment as a camper. (Generally ages 12-14)   

  • CIT (Counsellors in Training)  - This is a 'volunteer-to-work role' for candidates with previous camp and leadership experience. Individuals will be expected to complete tasks and activities throughout the day, including opportunities to lead games and activities with younger campers. (Generally ages 14-15)

Why should I gain experience in the field of outdoor adventure and education?

Summer jobs are a reality for most young adults between the ages 16 to 25, as you attend school and decide on your career paths - camp counselors, canoe guides, wellness instructors and day care/camp workers are a fun and dependable way to make money, friends and contacts during the summer season.

In addition, due to the amount of character growth and healthy-living skills naturally inherent in outdoor education; individuals in this field of work can develop adaptable skills that will help them navigate the professional world with confidence, dependability and creativity.

How can Great Moose Adventures help me to gain experience in outdoor adventure and education?

True to the Great Moose philosophy, our LIT program is individually designed to meet the needs and goals of all of our participants. As such, specific activities, work tasks and leadership opportunities are specifically designed and facilitated based on an 'action plan'  created for every participant with the support of their families and our team.

How much does the LIT program cost, what is the summer schedule and what is the duration?



  • LIT - Full cost, as per our day camp ($350 per week) 

  • CIT - No cost as a volunteer, but participants are expected to work​

Schedule & Duration: You can sign up for any session in the summer and are welcome to stay for as many weeks as you like - the more the merrier.

How do I register for the LIT or CIT program?

  • LIT - registration is the same as the campers, click the 'registration' button below and choose your preferred weeks 

  • CIT - please send an email to and introduce yourself, share your leadership experience and let us know what your goals are for the summer (including your preferred dates)

Please contact us if you have any questions! 

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